During the pandemic, we’re all at it! Zoom meetings. Zoom quizzes. Zoom family chats. Zoom is everywhere!

Given we’re all missing having a pint with our mates and eating pizza/tacos/Thai/burgers in That Beer Place feels like a distant memory, we thought we’d pop up some of our very own Zoom backgrounds.

Simply, right-click on the image you want and save them onto your computer.

We hope you like them and we can’t wait to see you all back eating & drinking all the good stuff.

Ah, we miss you guys! Without you there it all feels very strange. Relive those brilliant weekends where we all shared a pint and a laugh.

Whilst we can’t be there to serve you right now, why not have our bar as the background for your next Zoom chat. We all want to be back at the bar so why not recreate it at home.
Be the envy of everyone on your Zoom call with our Top Shelf beers in the background. We’ve got Cantillion, 3 Fonteinen, Tuilquin and more.

Spend some time in The Hub and take in the glory of Chris Gregory‘s brilliant “Four Horsemen of The Hopocalypse”. Yeast, Malt, Hops & Water… the four key components of beer!

And for a little fun… Is your eyesight a bit wonky? Do you need to work out if you’re safe to drive? Just head on down to Barnard Castle… that’ll do the trick.