Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Beer In SummaryStyle: Belgian Dark Strong AleBeer Category: Trappist AleAlcohol: High to Very High (8-12% ABV)Bitterness: Moderate (20-35 IBUs)Colour: Deep Amber to Dark Brown (12-22...

Belgian Tripel

This complex, rich, strong but altogether easy-drinking golden ale from Belgium is a superstar in its own right. A perfect food partner and also great as an end-of-night finisher.

Belgian Dubbel

Beer In Summary Style: Belgian DubbelBeer Category: Trappist AleAlcohol: High (6-7.6% ABV)Bitterness: Low (15-25 IBUs)Colour: Deep Amber to Deep Copper (10-17 SRM)                 Related Beers: Belgian Blonde, Belgian Tripel, Belgian Quadruple Essentially invented in...

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