Beer In Summary

Style: Eisbock
Beer Category: Strong European Beer
Alcohol: Very High (9-14% ABV)
Bitterness: Moderate (25-35 IBUs)
Colour: Deep Copper to Very Dark Brown (18-30 SRM)

Eisbock is a strong German lager that is created through a unique freezing process, which concentrates the beer’s flavours and increases its alcohol content. This style is a variation of the traditional Bock style and has distinct characteristics.

Eisbock typically has a complex aroma with strong malt-forward notes. The aroma may include rich caramel, toffee, and dark fruit aromas like raisins, plums, and figs. There might also be a subtle alcohol presence in the aroma due to the higher alcohol content.

In terms of flavour, Eisbock showcases a powerful malt sweetness that is often reminiscent of caramel and toffee. The concentrated flavours from the freezing process contribute to a deep and intense malt character. The beer’s warming alcohol presence is usually evident in the taste, providing a gentle warmth that complements the malt sweetness. The finish can be somewhat sweet but should also have a balancing bitterness to prevent it from becoming cloying.

Eisbock is full-bodied and has a rich mouthfeel. The colour of Eisbock can range from deep amber to dark brown, depending on the specific recipe and ingredients used.

Overall, Eisbock is a strong and flavourful beer style that is best enjoyed as a sipping beer due to its high alcohol content and intense flavours. It pairs well with rich desserts, nuts, and strong cheeses. Its unique brewing process and concentrated flavours make it a distinctive and sought-after beer among enthusiasts.