Beer In Summary

Style: Dunkles Bock
Beer Category: Amber Malty European Lager
Alcohol: High (6.3-7.2% ABV)
Bitterness: Low (20-27 IBUs)
Colour: Copper to Dark Brown (14-22 SRM)

Dunkles Bock is a strong lager beer style that originated in Germany, and is known for its rich, malty flavor profile.

Dunkles Bock typically has a complex aroma, with notes of dark fruits such as raisins, plums, and figs, along with a rich malt sweetness. The flavor is full-bodied and rich, with a deep caramel or toffee-like sweetness that is balanced by a moderate hop bitterness. The beer may have a slightly nutty or roasty character, often with notes of chocolate or coffee.

In terms of malt character, Dunkles Bock is typically dark in color and has a rich, full-bodied mouthfeel. The beer is often brewed with a blend of Munich, Vienna, and caramel malts, which gives it a complex malt profile with a smooth finish. The alcohol content is typically high, around 6-8%, which contributes to the beer’s warming and full-bodied character.

Overall, Dunkles Bock is a beer style that is best enjoyed in the colder months or as a sipping beer. It pairs well with hearty dishes such as stews, roasts, and sausages, as well as with rich desserts such as chocolate cake or fruit tarts. While it is not a beer style that is particularly hoppy or bitter, it is appreciated by beer lovers for its rich, malty flavor profile and its ability to warm you up on a chilly day.