//LISACicerone Certified Beer Server

“The Guv”

The engine that powers That Beer Place forward. Lisa is the leader of the team, ensuring every team member is working at their best & every customer is happy. Running the shop, social media and investing time working with many of our collab partners, Lisa is quite simply “the soul” of That Beer Place.

Currently battling Gareth for top spot in the Glass Smashing league… an achievement she’s not totally proud of.

Desert Island Beer: DuPont – Saison DuPont

//DALECicerone Certified Beer ServerBeer & Cider Academy: Cider Advanced Level

“Background Boy”

If stuff happens at That Beer Place and nobody sees it then there’s a good chance that Dale’s involved. Monitoring stock levels, fixing the draft system, sorting awkward keg changes, all the dull admin & installing new stuff. Whilst not the regular face of That Beer Place he’s often front-and-centre on Saturdays where he gets far to giddy for his own good.

Desert Island Beer: Orval. How can you get bored of a beer that keeps changing?

//GarethCicerone Certified Beer Server

“The Scrubber”

The one member of the team who never seems to stop cleaning. We share Gaz with the Chester institution that is The Albion. His recent introduction to Belgian beers has created somewhat of a monster. Always busy. Always smiling. Always thinking about Belgian beer.

Currently fighting with Lisa for top spot on the glass smashing league.

Desert Island Beer: Paulaner – Salvator – Doppelbock

//JackCicerone Certified Beer Server

“The Dark Horse”

He’s no wallflower but Jack is often seen as the quietest member of That Beer Place team… but don’t let that fool you. He’s a tattooed metal fan, studying for a Computer Science degree and has even been known to do stand up comedy in his spare time!

Jack’s also our greatest glass washer and often spends most of the day humming to the tunes in the shop.

Desert Island Beer: Karmeliet Tripel

//SarahCicerone Certified Beer Server

“The Bard”

Always smiling. Always laughing. Sarah is positivity personified and always has a story to tell. She literally skips into the shop every shift and chews up our training material for fun. An absolute sponge. She recently met one of our beer heroes, Melissa Cole, at a training day in Manchester. She’s not stopped beaming since.

Desert Island Beer: Delirium Tremens

//DenaCicerone Certified Beer Server

“Our Brewster”

Our very own US-born-beery-brain-box. Dena has only lived in the UK since Jan 19 and is studying for her Masters in Brewing. She loves every detail of what makes a great beer and her technical knowledge is second to none. Dena looks after the That Beer Place team by bringing in treats she’s either baked or brewed

Desert Island Beer: Augustiner Keller Hefeweizen


We take staff training very seriously here at That Beer Place. Each and every member of the team is offered the opportunity to train through the Cicerone Certification Program, a world renowned beer education company.


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