Beer In Summary

Style: Belgian Tripel
Beer Category: Trappist Ale
Alcohol: High to Very High (7.5-9.5% ABV)
Bitterness: Moderate (20-40 IBUs)
Colour: Gold to Amber (4.5-7 SRM)

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This complex, rich, strong but altogether easy-drinking golden ale from Belgium is a superstar in its own right. A perfect food partner and also great as an end-of-night finisher.

First commercially brewed by brewer Hendrick Verlinden in 1932. The Tripel has become a stalwart abbey/Trappist beer style since Westmalle started brewing the style in 1934.

This is one big punchy beer weighing in at an average 8.5% ABV. But, take your first sips and you’ll soon realise that it hides its boozy secrets with ease.

A well made Tripel is a trio of talent when it comes to food pairing. Herbal notes to add seasoning to a dish. Malt sweetness to balance spice and bitterness. And finally, huge levels of carbonation to keep the palate cleansed and help cut through any fat.

As with other abbey-style ales, the brewing of Tripel uses a candy sugar to lighten the body of the beer and add an extra kick of alcohol to the finished brew.

Tasting Notes

Flavour: Complex malt, herbal, honey, 

Intensity: Medium

Malt: Pilsener

Hops: Tettnang, Saaz

Food Pairing

Great with lighter meats and seafood but perfect with roast pork. The spicy, sweet and herbal notes play very well with bitter vegetables such as kale, asparagus and fennel. On the dessert front, citrussy dishes play well with the honeyed sweetness of the Tripel.

Beers to Try

Westmalle Tripel, Chimay White (Cinq Cents), Kasteel Tripel, Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet 

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